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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Banksters and Bureaucrats Have Stolen Our Future!

The Banksters and Bureaucrats have stolen our future! The One-Party sham of Demopublican-Republicratic rule is nothing more than Corporate Fascism. Call it socialism if you will, but even that is a red herring to distract the apathetic and misinformed masses from what's REALLY going on! The push for the imposition of a one-world economy (via a one-world currency system and bankrupting the American economy) will make one-world government unnecessary. As President James Garfield once said, Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is absolute master of all industry and commerce...when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate. We are all being forced in techno-serfdom, with the government thralls of the corporate elite as our lords and masters.

Try withholding your tithe to the king (taxman), and you are thrown out of your home, impoverished and imprisoned. Question authority with any reason and effectiveness, and you are labeled a 'terrorist' or a 'conspiracy nut'- and you have your reputation, career and life are destroyed. Small and medium-sized farms and businesses- always the backbone of the American economy- have been driven out of business and gobbled up by the huge, bankster-controlled conglomerates. Local and Community Banks have been forced to meet unrealistic asset requirements by the FDIC and are then seized, closed and sold for pennies on the dollar to the big mega-banks that got bailed out with TAXPAYER dollars when THEY couldn't meet THEIR asset requirements! Mom and Pop don't run the corner store anymore- they work for minimum wage at the Multinational Big-Box Store that drove them out of business. Uncle Frank still works the farm, but he doesn't own it anymore- he's just another employee of the Agribusiness conglomerates that drove him into foreclosure with manipulations of the commodities markets. Factory workers and skilled laborers (those whose jobs haven't been already shipped overseas) are threatened with continual cuts to hard-earned pay and benefits, and are being falsely blamed for economic turmoil, while the REAL culprits in this mess -Congressman and corporate executives continue to reap six, seven and eight-figure salaries, while their employees are forced to take further cuts and are laid-off in droves- because the company isn't profitable due to poor management decisions, arbitrary and capricious government regulation enforcement, and onerous and unfair tax laws. Union members shouldn't look to their leaders to help them- they're too busy cutting deals with Wall Street and Government Bureaucrats and raiding health & welfare funds and pensions to buy off politicians and influence elections.

Washington and Wall Street don't see (or care) how their poor decisions affect Main Street, because they are so disconnected from the grassroots of this country. They don't want tax cuts, as their lobbyists write into the Byzantine Tax Code 'targeted tax breaks' that allow them to avoid paying the taxes that medium and small businesses and individuals can't avoid. Politicians and aren't worried about the economy because they haven't had THEIR savings drained by the energy companies in 2006-2007, their IRA's 401k's and pensions decimated in 2008, and THEIR pay reduced or jobs outsourced over the last 20 years! Even more insidious is the Federal Reserve's wasteful pumping of trillions of dollars for years into the failing banks that the Fed's own Board of Governors are either investors in, board members of, or are targeting for takeover themselves. This has fed a REAL inflation rate of 10-20% a year for the last few decades (don't believe the cooked 'official' figures of 2-4% that don't even contain energy, housing or health care numbers, among other REAL WORLD expenses!).

What really is happening here is simply economic and social enslavement. We now have a ruling class in this country (and world) that is just as onerous and oblivious to the needs of the common people as King George was to the American Colonists. Throughout history, when the wealth and power of a society becomes too concentrated in the hands of too few, the inevitable and unstoppable result is chaos, collapse, revolution and restoration of a new order. Unfortunately, those in power always tend to cling to the reigns of control far too long, making the resultant transition often more chaotic, bloody and destructive than it needs to be.

America is at a turning point. Just as the Roman Empire was overburdened with wars, economic and social turmoil and a decadent elite class, so is the American Republic today. Perhaps we will go the way of the Roman Republic- morphing into a Dictatorship that (for a time) led to even greater heights of power. That still only delayed the inevitable Roman economic and societal collapse, and resulted in the chaos and destruction of that empire being even more devastating and complete. Or, perhaps, we will go the way of another Republic- the Weimar Republic in Germany of the early 20th century. Economic chaos, the greed of it's leaders and a populace desperate for economic relief led to a minority party becoming the 'savior' of the nation. Hitler's Nazis were very well financed by the resident World Banksters of the era (many of whom still are as powerful or more so today!). The corporate partnership between the fascists and the capitalists was mutually beneficial for both. And neither minded if a few million people got killed along the way- as long as their bottom lines and power base never suffered!

Of course, the banksters are equal-opportunity economic sociopaths! They also funded Lenin and Stalin's regimes to the tune of billions of dollars in loans, while pogroms and forced famines were killing millions in the USSR. They continue to this day to partner with the Chinese, who (beyond the literal economic enslavement of their OWN population) are the only reason that the criminal regimes in North Korea and Sudan are still standing. The supply of oil to the cities of Beijing and Shanghai MUST be maintained, so it is convenient to look the other way as millions of Christians and Animists are slaughtered in Darfur. The North Koreans provide perfect distraction for American politicians, as well as a drain on American Military and economic power! Despite a show of loud protests, the U.S. would never do anything to REALLY stop the slaughter in Darfur, or the enslavement of the people of North Korea, since that would SEVERELY strain relations with our biggest landlord- er... 'Trading Partner'!

The countless emerging and third-world countries held in thrall by the iron economic grip of the IMF, the Bank for International Settlements and the rest of the Gang of International Banksters have served well as an economic model that is now in full-swing implementation mode for the big economies Western Europe, Asia and the Americas. Populations are not seen as resources to be partnered with to lift up the economies of those countries. Instead, they are seen as commodities to be used up and thrown away- only as a means to gain more money and power for those in control. One only need to look at the Oligarchies in China and Russia today to see the 'Corporate Socialism' that the world Banking Elite emulates as the model for all governments. It used to be called 'National Socialism'- but a loud man with a small moustache sort of ruined that 'brand', so they changed the name.

What is needed today is a way to break the inevitable cycle of boom-and-bust, and the Pump-And-Dump mentality of the Bankster elite, who use the U.S. and World economy as a means of enriching and empowering themselves. Unfortunately, this will not happen in America as long as people continue to believe in the false dichotomies of 'Democrat versus Republican' and 'Liberal versus Conservative'. These meaningless labels are merely an attempt to gloss over the fact that there is really only ONE party in America- the MONEY PARTY. And only one controlling philosophy- GREED. Money, in the form of political contributions, investment 'opportunities' and promises of lucrative future employment allows the wealthy corporations to use government as a very effective tool to enrich themselves by passing favorable legislation, gaining bloated contracts, controlling regulators, and squeezing out small and medium size business competition and consolidating control of their industries through all of these tactics. Anyone buying into the left-right, Demopublican-Republicrat, liberal-conservative argument is only swallowing the Red Herring. It will only give you a false sense of fulfillment, economic indigestion, and will divert you from seeing the real basis for the problems in this society- the need for the ruling elite to continually create false dissent among the masses to prevent them from rising up and overthrowing their REAL oppressors! Young vs. Old, Black vs. white, city vs. suburb, north vs. south et cetera ad nauseum!

But, by far, the worst false conflict that is perpetuated by the controlling elite is the false 'rich vs. poor' conflict. Notice how it's never 'Wealthy' vs. non-wealthy... That's because even when your 'Rich', you're still only one or two setbacks away from being poor again! That can happen through a business cycle downturn (controlled by the Banksters) targeting by the IRS (controlled by the Banksters), congressional legislation adversely affecting your business, property and personal investments (Congress is in the back pocket of the Banksters lobbyist stormtroopers), or any number of factors beyond your control (and in theirs). But the truly Wealthy in this country are not only outside of the 'boom and bust' economic cycles, they CONTROL them to their own benefit (and everyone else's detriment!). If you are truly wealthy, it is nearly impossible to become otherwise. You can't even GIVE away your fortune, since it is usually self-perpetuating and often so diverse and huge that it can't be totally comprehended, let alone annihilated!

Now, being wealthy or supporting the capitalism is not an inherently evil thing. There are, in fact, many truly good and just wealthy people, and Capitalism has been the greatest uplifting factor in the history of mankind! But it has been a long time since we practiced true capitalism in this country. Our economy is managed and controlled out of Washington and Wall Street just as surely as a Five-Year-Plan in the old Soviet Union. And we all know how successful THOSE plans were. What is needed in this country is a renewal of our basic values: honest pay for an honest day's work; a sound currency that is not at the whims of controlling private bankers; local control of local issues, instead of micromanagement from drone bureaucrats in Washington; elimination of the incestuous 'revolving-door' relationship between regulators and the regulated; and (most importantly) a movement away from the 'bigger is better' movement in corporate America that has eliminated much of the small and medium business stock (which creates most of the jobs in this country), and has broken the backbone and drained the assets of the once-vital American Middle Class.

Americans want control over their lives and their futures once again- not a promise of a well-managed life from far away in Washington D.C.. Having the bureaucrats and politicians in Washington try to run the minutiae of individual Americans' lives, as well as American businesses and individual communities merely serves to weaken our country, and strengthen the Internationalist Banksters. Giving even more power and money to the Washington bureaucrats and their paymasters on Wall Street is a recipe for downfall of the American Republic. It's not too late to fix things, but the time is getting very short.

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